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Crypto-Clicks Banner Ads (30 days)
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Interested in advertising your banner ads?  We offer 30 day banner ad placement in 3 sizes!
Once your order is placed, we'll add your banner ad to for a 30 day period.
Banner Ad orders cannot be canceled or refunded once the order is placed.
Your banner ad will be added into the selected area's banner ad rotation. 
A max of 5 ad slots are available in each area.


468x60 Premium:  Displayed on the top right of view ad / surf ad pages
(premium top right = $50/mo)


468x60:  Displayed on the bottom of most pages
(bottom left + right = $20/mo)


300x250:  Displayed on the right hand
side of ad / surf ad selection pages
(top + bottom right = $25/mo)

728x90:  Displayed on the bottom of most pages
(bottom center = $40/mo)
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